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We drive,repair,and service 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipses and Eagle Talons. We also learn a lot from the cars as well. We work on other model cars including earlier and later models Eclipses,talons and lasers. We are setup for the Second Generation Mitsubishi Eclipses. Mitsubishi Eclipses were first created in 1989. Mitsubishi Eclipses make a lot of power on small budgets. The cars get a bad reputation because their owners dont maintain them as they require a decent amount of attention. The Eclipses will take you where ever you want to go if you give it a a timing belt, water, and oil, they love oil, especially the turbo 4G63T Eclipses. In reality, no car will let you down if you take care of it! I like to give my car a visual inspection about once a week.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Background

Eclipses, Talons and Lasers are refered to as DSMs also. DSM means Diamond Star Motors, this partnership was formed between Mitsubishi and Chrysler during the manufacturing of the first and second Generation DSMs. This is part of the reason for the 420a non-turbo engine being found in majority the Non-turbo 2nd generations Eclipses. This is also the reason why there are Plymouth lasers and Eagle Talons. This is very similar to what Ford Motor Company and Mercury does with the Ford Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer.

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